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Join us in making the world a safer place.

We put our mission - to develop and provide the most innovative
technological solutions, services, and training to keep our communities safe
- first before anything else.
The way we achieve our mission as a company is by ensuring that every member
of our team is equally dedicated to the mission, and that they have the tools needed
to maximize their talents and skills in its pursuit.

Drift Net is looking for world-class talent ready to use creativity and skill to make a
difference in the safety of our communities. Drift Net does not have jobs, we have
missions. We look for people that define themselves by their creativity, curiosity,
passion, and live by our CORE VALUES.

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Seeking the curios, the creative, and the bold.
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Why Drift Net?
A Culture of Development.

At Drift Net, we believe that if we are the same company today that we were yesterday, we've failed.
We Treat everyday like the first day and commit to getting at least 1% better every day.
We define ourselves by our dedication to our Mission to Make our communities safer.

We've invested in building a culture that encourages and facilitates personal development, learning,
and teamwork. We believe that as our team grows and develops as individuals, we grow and develop
as a group so that we all can thrive while doing impactful work that solves big problems.

Why Drift Net?
A Culture of Collaboration.

We hire the best in order to deliver the best. We're in the biggest roles of our careers and we're maximizing
that opportunity. We push each other and learn from each other. We challenge each other and we care
about each other. This is our mission and we own it.

At Drift Net, we put an emphasis on collaboration. Safety and security is a complex problem that requires
a multidisciplinary approach. We magnify our team's talents and diversity by providing an amazing work
space that makes coming into work feel like coming home.

Our Benefits

At Drift Net, the best benefit is knowing that the work you do everyday is going to making people around the country safer.
But we do more...​

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