Forget Everything You Know About Security

We're Reinventing It

Our mission is to develop the most innovative technological solutions to keep our communities safe.

We have dedicated ourselves to filling the gaps in traditional security. Oftentimes, a crisis can be over in seconds. There are very few historical examples of a crisis situation in schools where law enforcement have been able to intervene in a crisis before it is over. This puts the burden of immediate response on administrators, teachers, and students.
With limited information on where a threat is, what it looks like, and who is in the most immediate area of the threat, it is almost impossible for people experiencing the crisis to make informed decisions on how to respond. The current response capabilities of schools put students, teachers, and administrators at risk because of this lack of information. We have developed a suite of solutions to help fill these gaps.
Forget everything you know about security, because we’ve reinvented it.

Driven by our mission | Powered with cutting edge AI


Our tools are meant to prepare you for any crisis that could arise. All of our technology is future proof so that it is always ready for what's next.


Information is useless, unless it is actionable. We put information in the hands of the people that need it the most, immediately. 


Our solutions use the most cutting edge on-device artificial intelligence so that our information is accurate and continuously learn from their environment.


We keep everything under one roof so that silos are eliminated. By automatically contextualizing information, we can help you to increase your efficiency and capacity.

When kids think about running, hiding, and fighting, it should not be in the context of dealing with an active threat on campus.

We believe that a robust school safety system, like the KnowWhere Campus Safety System allows kids to not  have to worry about looking out for threats and allows  teachers to focus on teaching. 

Our Team

Our team is comprised of certified SROs, security experts, and cutting edge engineers, all radical about safety. Here's what some of them have to say about why they care about safety:

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