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What's up with this?

Why a maze?

In an emergency situation, your school can quickly turn into a
maze of hazards, where you are uncertain about what you might
face when you turn the corner. ​

The KnowWhere System uses artificial intelligence to understand
where threats are. Evacuation routes are then calculated based
on where you are and where the threat is to ensure that you
never cross its path.

​Evacuation routes are communicated with audio messages that
correlate to the evacuation route of each area on campus. LED
lights on the KW-PODs change color to reflect the designated
evacuation route. Evacuation routes are able to change in real
time based on whether or not they are safe routes to follow.
The designated administrator is able to keep track of what
rooms and areas of campus have been evacuated and when
occupants reach the designated rally point.
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