Campus Safety System
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Your school deserves nothing less than the most advanced
and comprehensive security system.

We're taking security a step further.

The KnowWhere system was designed to function without the need of human intervention to identify threats and relay information to first responders.
The KW-PODs utilize Edge AI technology to detect a variety of threats and utilize multicolored LEDs and two-way audio to guide occupants to safety.
Simultaneously, actionable information is relayed through KW-Control to first responders and your school administration -
saving valuable time when seconds matter the most

Autonomous Threat Detection:
Protection that works smarter
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Instant Alert:
Zero Hesitation
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Emergency Routing:
Lead your occupants to safety
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Occupancy Management:
Every person accounted for
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Visitor Management:
Visitors that don't stray
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Virtual Security Perimeters:
Build your virtual fortress
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After-hours break-in detection
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Identify, Track
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Smart Public Address:
2-way communication everywhere
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Remote Surveillance:
Private for people, public for threats
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