The KnowWhere Campus Safety System

The new industry standard in school safety technology.

The KnowWhere Campus Safety System is a hardware and software solution for school administrators and first responders who are responsible for school safety concerns and accountability for students on campus.


Our product is the first of its kind to integrate indoor geospatial information with threat sensors and imaging to give schools the ability to know where students are on campus, identify threats early, respond immediately, and provide actionable information to first responders in an emergency: all in real-time.

All the tools you need under one roof, driven by Artificial Intelligence


2-way communication in every room and hallway


Know exactly how many people are in each room and area


Secure perimeters inside and outside and get alerts if needed


Integrates with and automates existing access control


Complete crisis management tool for admin and first responders


Detects weapons, fights, vandalism, and more


Integrates directly with dispatch centers for first responders


After hours monitoring, motion sensing, burglar alarms


Panic buttons in every room and area, inside and outside


HD video of any incident anywhere on campus


Advanced visitor and volunteer management 


Tracks infection and identifies campus hotspots

The KnowWhere Campus Safety System was designed to adapt to any crisis schools may face. When we look at schools returning in the Fall 2020, not only will the same security concerns need to be addressed, but so will the new threat of mass infection.Our system makes it possible for schools to better handle the challenges of COVID-19, while also addressing other security and safety concerns. 

Threat Detection
  • Weapons

    • Guns

    • Knives

    • Dangerous objects

    • Concealed carry weapons

  • Gunshots

    • Type of weapon

    • Number of shots fired in real-time

  • Fire

    • Approximate size and intensity

  • Airborne Contaminants (ethanol, methanol, gas leaks, etc)

  • Water leaks 

  • Vandalism

  • Fights

  • Calls for Help/ Screams

  • Visitors/ Volunteers

  • Vapes/ Juuls/ Vaping

  • Infection Control

Why Free Training?

We believe that the best safety is standard safety. Everyone, no matter where they are or who they are deserves to be safe; especially our vulnerable students. One of the ways we can achieve a standard of safety is through standardized knowledge about safety. That's why we've partnered with leading experts so that we can help to provide knowledge to everyone that needs it. 

We've made these trainings available at no cost to school districts for the same reason that we've made our solutions affordable: so that you never have to choose between security and textbooks.

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