Our Covid-19 Response

Infection Tracking and Management

Fever Based Approach to Early Infection Detection

The KnowWhere Campus Safety System was designed to adapt to any crisis schools may face. When we look at schools returning to in-person learning, not only will the same security concerns need to be addressed, but so will the new threat of mass infection. Our system makes it possible for schools to better handle the challenges of COVID-19, while also addressing other security and safety concerns.

83-99% of people with COVID-19 present with a fever - CDC

The solution is in the technology.

Includes all of the safety and security features of the KnowWhere Campus Safety System

Thermal Imaging

Measures core temperature not surface faction temperature

Eliminate Bottleneck

Complete hundreds of temperature readings simultaneously

High Quality

True high resolution thermal camera reading a resolution of 640 x 480


Completely wireless with onboard power

Useable Anywhere

Does not use internal heat source calibration

Real-time Scanning

Real-time continuous tracking and detection


Guiding Principles for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Schools

When looking at how to begin to prepare you school or district for a safe re-opening in the fall, you should be looking at what processes and tools you will need to address the following areas of concern:

Get information where it needs to go


Early detection and identification is critical to mitigate the risk of infection spread on campus. When a fever is detected, the KnowWhere Campus Safety System can alert designated users in a variety of ways so that no information is missed.


infection lockdown


Fever is identified and the alert is sent to user


Visual verification of fever is confirmed and Lockdown is initiatided


Location of fever is detected and area is locked down


Contact tracing and evacuate infected area by audio and visual routes

Real-Time Mass Fever Detection

The hardware of the KnowWhere Campus Safety System is installed throughout the entire campus leaving no blindspots.

That means that we are able to be checking for fevers everywhere on campus throughout the entire day. A fever is the only symptom of infection that is not self-reported, which means it is the only symptom that you can easily check for, without having to rely on accurate self-reporting.


Fevers can develop during the course of the day. If you are only checking temperature at the beginning of the day when students arrive on campus, you put your ability to perform accurate and immediate contact tracing in jeopardy.

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