Frequently Asked Questions

What features are included in the KnowWhere System?

Everything technological solution you need for a safe school including:

  • 2-Way Communication
  • Asset and People Management
  • Threat Detection
  • Instant Police Notification
  • After hours monitoring/ intrusion alerts
  • Inside and Outside Perimeter Control
  • Integration with Access Control
  • Panic Buttons
  • Video
  • Visitor and Volunteer Management and Tracking

My school already has surveillance cameras, why do I need your system?

Our product is the first of its kind to integrate indoor geospatial information with threat sensors and imaging to give schools the ability to know where students are on campus, identify threats early, respond immediately, and provide actionable information to first responders in an emergency: all in real-time. Does your surveillance camera do that?

Do you offer a trial of the system?

Yes, we offer a FREE 30-day trial for anyone to try our system.

Does your system use facial recognition?

No, our system does not use facial recognition. We use object oriented threat detection to ensure privacy.

How much is the KnowWhere System?

We believe schools should not have to choose between security and textbooks. That is why our system has the highest functionality and best affordability on the market.
Contact us at for more information and to receive a free quote.

Can I control the system from my phone?

Yes you can access the KW-CONTROL application on any mobile device. For administrators, we provide a Mobile Control Center for you to download on an unlimited number of devices.

Can this integrate into other security systems already in our school?

No. Our system integrates every technological security tool and then some for a few reasons:

  1. Efficiency and Functionality. It is always going to be more user friendly and functional to keep all of your tools under 1 roof.
  2. Stability and Security. We can’t guarantee the security of other systems already in your school. We can only guarantee our products stability and security.
  3. Cost. By designing and manufacturing in house we generate a large internal cost savings that we pass along to our clients.

What features do the KW-PODs have?

The KW-PODs are what enable all of the system’s functionality and enable us to reduce false positives. The KW-PODs are also what enables our truly real-time processing power, with a lag time of no more than 2 seconds.

How many KW-PODs will my school need?

A lot! We make sure that there is complete coverage of the school inside and outside. The average school will use approximately 100-250 KW-PODs.

Can’t the KW-PODs get damaged from being outside?

All outdoor KW-PODs are weather proof at IP68. All KW-PODs are tamper resistant.

If the power goes out, will the system still work?

Yes, KW-PODs run on its own on-board power source for up to 3 years.

If the internet goes out, will the system still work?

Yes, there is cellular connection backup within each KW-POD. They will automatically use a failover method, record on a redundancy or standby locally within the KW-POD in the event that the Cloud server becomes temporarily unavailable, so that no footage is lost.

How does the Police Response work?

First Responders can access the KW-CONTROL system only during a crisis or with administrator approval. We integrate the system with responding police departments via their car consoles and dispatch. When the alert is sent to notify the police the software sends them an interactive 3D and 2D map of the school or building so they know where the threat is on campus.

What support do you offer?

All support, installation, maintenance, and upgrades are included in the cost of the system.

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